It has been reported that a drone has recently hit a British Airways plan on route to London.

Drone flying

Drones are rapidly becoming part of our everyday lives, gone are the days when it was purely for those who could afford it, today we have both kids and adults flying and playing with drones and for a lot of us this is just the sign of an emerging piece of technology.

However for the 132 passengers and five crew on board the 12:50 to London from Geneva, a drone could quickly become an hazard in our skies, if it is confirmed that a drone did indeed hit the aircraft.  BA (British Airways) said that it was providing the police with every assistance with their investigation, BBC News reports.

If it is confirmed that such an incident did happen then it will be the first of such instances over our skies.  Flying a drone anywhere near an airport is already punishable by law with a sentence of up to 5 years in prison, you are also forbidden from flying a drone beyond direct unaided line of sight of the operator or near building and crowds of people.  Drones over 7KG cannot fly above 400ft.

However, even with all this legislation in place, it is clear that incidents are still happening and this most recent incident will only serve to have more steps put in place.  In the US all drone operators are required to register their drone with the FAA (Federal Aviation Authority).

In our view a registration is vital, this will allow for drones to be tracked to their owners and the people responsible for any kind of incident cause by their drone can be held accountable.  It is also important that we look at the greater possibilities that drones could bring to the market and what this will mean for the safety of the other air users.

We know that drones have endless possibilities, and in time these small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles could bring about a revolutionary new way in both travel, logistics and even space exploration.