Hopefully you’ve come to this post, not expecting to see a recipe for bacon soup – would that taste awful?

No, if you read our most recent article, you will know that we headed on down to Plymouth on the 21st of Septemeber to pitch the E3 Eco concept to a room of 85 people from around the Plymouth area and with good connections to both the Plymouth University and businesses as a whole.

So where does the bacon come in?

Well as it was a morning soup, no morning would be complete without a stupendous bacon roll and a coffee now would it?

We weren’t alone in our pitch, 3 other, very strong and worthy contenders all had some very innovative ideas and ones that were all very worthy of investment, businesses pitching included:

Our time came to pitch and we presented the concept in full, taking questions from the floor at the end of pitch to better define what the concept was about.  We were delighted to meet a range of people after the pitch who were impressed but also gave us a lot of food for thought.

The best way to find out whether people are ready for an idea is to go and ask them.

Concerns were raised about the design of the product and how it would work in different types of scenarios.

Overall the presentation was a successful one and we were delighted to of been given the opportunity to explain more about E3 Eco and we’re now moving forward with our plans to turn this idea into a reality.

So, were we successful in our presentation?

We were successful in the experience, but unfortunately we weren’t able to secure the funding or support package offered.

However, we will be back and we’re already steaming ahead with our plans to turn the E3 Eco project into a business.