E3 Eco This month is certainly shaping up to be an awesome one, first our almost award winning digital agency, E3 Digital Ltd gets nominated for best business blog.

Then we learn that we have been invited to pitch at this months #GainSoup in Plymouth with no other than our E3 Eco concept.

E3 Eco is a concept that some may not be familiar with.  Our vision, as a company, is to ensure the world that we live in becomes a greener and more stable world.  Each year we are reminded that hundreds of millions of tons of CO2 are pumped into our atmosphere from power stations, cars, factories etc.

E3 Eco aims to revolutionise and change the way in which we use the earths natural resources.

We can send a plane into the sky filled with solar panels, we can power our heating systems with solar panels we can even use hybrid vehicles to reduce our CO2 impact.

E3 Eco aims to fix one of the most smallest of problems that we all face when we are out and about on our smartphones, the dreaded empty battery sign.  It aims to reduce the need to charge your smartphone of an evening, the need to buy a power bank or other additional accessories to keep your smartphone powered.

E3 Eco aims to ensure your smartphone is accessible everyday whilst ensuring we minimise the amount of CO2 being used.

Want to know more?  Come and hear us pitch at the #GainSoup event in Plymouth on the 21st September 2016.

Tickets are available here.